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This advanced technology product is made with Cerflon® for high performance in a non-drying oily film penetrating lubricant. The “4 in 1” action makes it highly versatile with the ability to penetrate, lubricate, displace moisture, and provide superior resistance to corrosion. It’s ultra low surface tension penetrates deep to free frozen parts and assemblies. It contains NO chlorinated solvents or ozone depleters, and a 360º spray valve allows for easy use in any position.

The non-aggressive formula is safe for use on most plastics and painted surfaces, making it an excellent choice for virtually any general-purpose lubrication need. The addition of Cerflon® not only improves lubricity but elevates temperature range to in excess of 500ºF. Meets or exceeds MIL-C-23411A, MIL-C-81309D-Type III, MIL-C-18171D-Grade 3, and Federal Specifications VV-P2166C-Type I and A-A-50493-Type I.

Packaging Size Part Number
12 ounce can 4128-03


This product must be used in accordance to the following directions by HVACR professionals only.

Shake well before using. For general use, apply liberally to surface to be lubricated. Do not saturate but make sure entire area is covered in a film of product. For tight areas or pinpoint applications, insert extension tube. When applying on frozen parts, a gentle tapping of the mechanism will facilitate penetration. The 360º spray valve does not require holding can upright – use in any position or angle. However, do not hold in horizontal position for extended periods to prevent unnecessary propellant loss.

NOTE: While safe for use on most plastics and painted surfaces, always test in an inconspicuous area if unsure of material compatibility.

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Download the product bulletin and other relevant literature here.


Download a low resolution file of the product label here.

SDS Information

Read and understand the product’s Safety Data Sheet for precautionary and first aid information.


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