Smoke Signal™ Smoke Candles

Smoke Signal™ Smoke Candles

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Smoke Signal Smoke Candles generate smoke by chemical reaction eliminating costly equipment and time to pinpoint leaks. Smoke Signal CAS30 produces 4000 cubic feet of smoke in 30 seconds. Smoke Signal CAS60 produces 8000 cubic feet of smoke in 60 seconds. Smoke Signal CAS180 generates a big 40,000 cubic feet of smoke in approximately two to three minutes.

Smoke tests will effectively and inexpensively reveal leaks in heating and air conditioning duct work, furnaces, fire boxes, exhaust fans and smoke detectors. Smoke Signal is also excellent for observing air flow patterns, evaluating exhaust systems and testing smoke detectors. Smoke Signal items contain no explosive materials.

Packaging Size Nu-Calgon # Clenair #
1A - 4000 cu ft of smoke in 30 sec 61302 CAS30
2B - 8000 cu ft of smoke in 60 sec 61303 CAS60
3C- 40,000 cu ft of smoke in 2-3 min 61304 CAS180


This product must be used in accordance to the following directions by HVACR professionals only.

Highly visible smoke readily blends with air and gases, simplifying the observation of air flow patterns or quickly pinpointing leaks. Although the smoke generator itself is hot, the smoke is cool and does not support combustion. Leaks invisible without smoke can instantly be seen after smoke is added to air or gases. The odor of escaping smoke also assists in pinpointing leaks. Smoke can be dissipated without visible residue or lingering odors by ventilation. For detecting leaks in small or medium size areas, such as furnaces, tanks, etc., use sufficient smoke to fill an area 2-3 times larger than the area to be tested. Ignite the smoke candle and insert through any convenient opening where it can be safely placed. Close the opening and in seconds smoke will be seen pinpointing all leaks. Mark the leak for later repairs. A 50% reduction may be made in the quantity of smoke if low air pressure is used. Too much air pressure in small tubing or small or medium size areas may result in a residue due to the smoke particles combining under pressure. Any residue is easily removed with soap and water.

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