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Ty-Ion B14A

Ty-Ion B14A

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Ty-Ion B14A is a one product boiler treatment that controls boiler scale and corrosion and condensate line corrosion in low pressure steam heating boilers where most of the condensate is returned. Ty-Ion B14A is chromate-free and it contains a color indicator for visual determination of treatment residual. It’s balanced formulation provides an energy efficient operation of the heating plant.

Ty-Ion B14A is formulated as a simple easy-to-use “single-drum” boiler product. It was developed specifically for low pressure steam boilers having low makeup and a very high percent of condensate return. Such boilers are usually used for heating and are found in schools, small hospitals, nursing homes and other commercial or industrial locations.

Packaging Size Part Number
5 gallon pail 7519-05


This product must be used in accordance to the following directions by HVACR professionals only.

For proper treatment, it is necessary to initially charge the boiler with one gallon of Ty-Ion B14A for every 250 gallons of water in the system. However, to avoid the potential for surging when filling the boiler, add 1/2 gallon (in the case of cast iron boilers, use 1/4 gallon) for each 250 gallons of water. If the capacity is unknown, refer to the BTU/Capacity chart below for an estimation or calculate the volume of water. Allow boiler to operate two weeks to one month before adding balance of the product. Use W003-0 Nitrite Test Kit and test the nitrite (NaNO2) level in the boiler water to determine the amount of product that is present. Gradually add enough product to bring the ppm(mg/L) of nitrite in the boiler to 1000. At this point, the color of the system water in the sight glass should match the color standard of the B14A Comparator available from Nu-Calgon Wholesaler, Inc. Please note that additions of the product to reach 1000 ppm should be done over a period of several weeks to avoid possible surging.

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Read and understand the product’s Safety Data Sheet for precautionary and first aid information.


TyIon b14a; tyion b14a