No. 200P Poly Sprayer

No. 200P Poly Sprayer

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The No. 200P sprayer can be used for spraying solutions of CalClean®, Special HD CalClean®, Alka-Brite®, Nu-Brite®, Evap Pow’r-C® or other Nu-Calgon products on air conditioning cooling coils, air cooled condensers, finned heating coils, refrigeration case or cooler coils, permanent air filters and other greasy, dirty surfaces.

Packaging Size Part Number
1 each 4771-2


  1. Inspect sprayer and insure that all attachments are secured.
  2. Remove the pump assembly from the tank by turning counterclockwise.
  3. Read the label and all instructions for chemicals to be applied. Determine the proper ratio of concentrated chemicals to water and pour enough chemical into the sprayer to yield the amount of spray solution desired. Optimum pressure conditions will be achieved when the full 2-gallon working capacity of the No. 200P is used.
  4. To close tank by inserting pump assembly through opening. Turn clockwise until pump is sealed tightly into tank. Connect the Quick Connect fitting to the hose from your water source.
  5. Turn water “on”. Note that water will not flow through the Quick Connect fitting until it is pushed onto the special “red” tank adapter. Make sure the shut-off handle is in the “off” position and the pump is screwed in tightly.
  6. Push the Quick Connect fitting onto the “red” tank adapter until it snaps into place. Water will now flow into the tank compressing air trapped inside.
  7. When water reaches the desired level in the tank - DO NOT EXCEED MAXIMUM FILL LINE - remove the Quick Connect by pulling back on the collar. Once the hose is removed, you are ready to spray. NOTE: if you repressurize using a water system you will need to add more chemicals to maintain desired solution concentration.
  8. If a pressurized water system is not available, use the pump. When sprayer is filled, about 20 strokes on the pump should supply enough pressure for spraying. More pumping may be needed if tank is only partially filled. As the fluid level goes down, more strokes may be needed. To work the pump, unlock pump handle from pump cap by turning counterclockwise, lock handle again by turning clockwise.

Literature Downloads

Download the product bulletin and other relevant literature here.

SDS Information

Read and understand the product’s Safety Data Sheet for precautionary and first aid information.


Number 200P poly sprayer; number 200P polysprayer