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Coldrink/Insurice Systems

Coldrink/Insurice Systems

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The Insurice Systems reduce ice machine problems caused by limescale formation, dirt, and particulate as well as objectionable tastes and odors caused by chlorine and other contaminants. Utilizing the i20002 or i40002 cartridges as well as prefilters, the filtration systems keep ice machines running at peak efficiency. System is available with either a 10˝ or 20˝ prefilter, in single, twin, triple, and quad configurations. The cartridges’ MicroPure II technology insures a clean cartridge and filters out particles as small as 1/2 microns.

Packaging Size with "10 Prefilter Part Number
Single 9293-01
Twin 9293-02
Triple 99293-03
Quad 9293-04
Packaging Size with "20 Prefilter Part Number
Single 9293-21
Twin 9293-22
Triple 9293-23
Quad 9293-24


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