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Zerol Alkylbenzene Oil

Zerol Alkylbenzene Oil

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Zerol Refrigeration Oil is a high-quality, premium synthetic alkylbenzene refrigeration oil. It is similar in many ways to natural mineral oils but has superior properties that make it particularly valuable in refrigeration, air-conditioning applications. It is available in three grades: Zerol 150 (150 SUS), Zerol 200TD (200 SUS) and Zerol 300 (300 SUS).

Zerol 200TD is a unique formulation of the alkylbenzene in that it contains a special additive package. This package includes an extreme pressure or EP lubricity additive as well as an additive that provides controlled foaming in specific operating conditions. It is preferred by Copeland for field service applications with the HCFC-based service blends.

Alkylbenzene Oil Packaging Size Part Number
Zerol 150 1 Gallon 4310-07
Zerol 150 5 Gallons 4310-05
Zerol 150 55 Gallons 4310-01
Zerol 200TD 1 Gallon 4308-07
Zerol 200TD 5 Gallons 4308-05
Zerol 200TD 55 Gallons 4308-01
Zerol 300 1 Gallon 4311-07
Zerol 300 5 Gallons 4311-05
Zerol 300 55 Gallons 4311-01
Zerol 400CA 5 Gallons 4311-65


This product must be used in accordance to the following directions by HVACR professionals only.

In systems utilizing mineral oils where a moderate burn-out has occurred, Zerol can be used to flush and clean up the system. Zerol will emulsify the acid by-products, burnt oil and wax that result from such burn-outs, and allow the system to be flushed clean. Use the following general procedure:

  1. Remove burned-out compressor and disconnect electrical leads.
  2. Remove expansion valve (or cap tube) and install by-passes.
  3. Replace suction and liquid line filter driers.
  4. Use connections where burned compressor was located, and push Zerol 150 through the system with a positive displacement pump. Use a volume of Zerol 150 equal to three times the amount (weight) of refrigerant typically charged into the system. Although the system may possibly operate on Zerol 150, Zerol 300 or Zerol 200TD, we recommend the use of 150 for the flushing as it is a lighter cut oil and will therefore perform the task more effectively.
  5. Circulate for 2-4 hours, change filters often. Then remove Zerol cleaning solution from system.
  6. Blow nitrogen through system.
  7. Install new compressor as well as other removed components and triple evacuate the system; conduct leak check.
  8. Operate the system with fresh refrigerant and Zerol of the proper viscosity (150, 200TD or 300).
  9. Check system. If oil discolors, replace oil and filter-driers.

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