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Visible Defects Kit

Visible Defects Kit

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The Visible Defects Heat Exchanger Inspection System enables the technician to better evaluate the integrity of a heat exchanger by visually enhancing a crack if it exists. The accessories in the kit allow the technician to inspect clamshell/serpentine designs by applying penetrant on the air side of the heat exchanger and then inspecting inside the combustion chamber with the UV flex light for penetration due to a defect. For tubular heat exchanger designs, the solution is sprayed inside the combustion chamber and then inspected with the UV flex light on the air side from the blower compartment.

The Visible Defects Kit includes: high pressure sprayer assembly, a quart of Visible Defects Crack Finder solution, 22" sprayer wand, 12 " extender/injector, LED UV flex light and batteries, UV protective glasses, a set of instructions, and customer handouts. The Visual Defects Crack Finder solution is also sold separately.

Packaging Size Part Number
Visible Defects Kit 4385-00
Visible Defects Crack Finder Solution 4385-06


This product must be used in accordance to the following directions by HVACR professionals only.

Please click on the Product Information tab and download 13-S172 for a complete set of instructions for clamshell/serpentine heat exchangers as well as tubular heat exchanger designs.

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