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A/C Re-New Injector Tool

A/C Re-New Injector Tool

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The A/C Re-New Injector was designed to inject A/C Re-New into air conditioning and refrigeration systems. It has a capacity of 4 fl. oz. and can be used for other injectable products as well, including amounts less than the 4 fl. oz. capacity. It is constructed of rugged aluminum and has a maximum working pressure of 600 psi. It has a Schrader fitting at one end and a short length of hose with a ball valve on the other end.

Packaging Size Part Number
A/C Re-New Injector Tool 4057-99


For A/C Re-New 4 fluid ounce bottle (4057-55) and the quart (4057-54), use of the A/C Re-New Injector Tool (4057-99) is recommended for installation.

  1. Secure hose-end to suction side fitting, with valve in closed position. Once attached, crack valve quickly to purge.
  2. Add 4 fl. oz. to cylinder and the close cylinder lid to seal.
  3. Install A/C Re-New
    a) Attach a vacuum pump to the other end, as shown, using another short hose with a shut-off valve. Draw vacuum on extra hose, then close its valve. Proceed to step 4.
    b) As an alternative method without the vacuum pump, use a clean manifold hose set and proper service techniques to push the A/C Re-New into the low side with high side pressure. Be sure to purge or “burp” all lines.
  4. a) Attach to high side and then briefly open valve on second hose to pressurize the cylinder of product. Close valve.
    b) Slightly open valve on cylinder to push product into system low side.
  5. Once installed, close this valve and disconnect from low side fitting.
  6. Close up cylinder to prevent any contamination from entering it.

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Download the product bulletin and other relevant literature here.


Download a low resolution file of the product label here.

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Read and understand the product’s Safety Data Sheet for precautionary and first aid information.