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Rx-Acid Scavenger

Rx-Acid Scavenger

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Rx-Acid Scavenger provides a better, more convenient way to neutralized or “scavenge” acid in refrigeration, air conditioning systems after burnouts or during normal on-going systems maintenance. Normal dosage rate is 2 fl. oz. of Rx-Acid Scavenger for up to one gallon of system oil. That is 50% less than other acid neutralizing products. This “low treat” feature means far less material has to be added to the systems. Rx-Acid Scavenger is formulated for use with all lubricants - mineral, alkylbenzene and polyol ester. Use after system burnout to scavenge acid products in the system, or change a system with Rx-Acid Scavenger to neutralize acid conditions should they develop.

Rx-Acid Scavenger Connect Inject is a quick, one-time disposable injector option for introducing Rx-Acid Scavenger into the air conditioning system where the vessel is pre-charged with 4 fluid ounces of treatment. Although not required, the use of the reusable Connect Injector Tool (part no. 4155-01) is recommended. One device up to 5 ton system capacity; use multiple injectors for larger systems. The new Rx-Acid Scavenger Connect Inject uses a new formulation to improve the acid scavenging rate in POE and PVE lubricant systems.

Packaging Size Part Number
1 box 2 fl. ounce liquid 4301-02
1 Pressurized Can 4301-05
Injection Valve 4300-89
Rx-Acid Scavenger Connect Inject 4301-06
Connect Injector Tool 4155-01


This product must be used in accordance to the following directions by HVACR professionals only.

Directions for Liquid Bottle (4301-02)


  1. Remove and properly dispose of used oil and refrigerant, and replace burned out compressor.
  2. Establish system’s oil capacity.
  3. Determine the required amount of Rx-Acid Scavenger using the dosage chart on the enclosed detailed instructions.
  4. Add Rx-Acid Scavenger to system as directed and return system to service.

System Maintenance:

  1. Use the Nu-Calgon Phase III® Acid Test Kit to verify acid contamination.
  2. Establish system’s oil capacity.
  3. Determine the required amount of Rx-Acid Scavenger using the dosage chart inside the box
  4. Add Rx-Acid Scavenger to system as directed.
  5. Return system to service. (NOTE: it is always recommended that driers be changed.)

Directions for Pressurized Can (4301-05)

If system’s low side pressure is BELOW 65 psi while running:

  1. Shake can well. Make sure system is running and low side is below 65 psi.
  2. Be sure Injection Valve handle (4300-89) is turned fully counter clockwise and attach valve to can.
  3. Attach short charging hose to Injection Valve and other end to low side service port. Loosen valve slightly from can to purge air from hose and then re-tighten quickly.
  4. With can upright, open valve by turning handle clockwise and hold above low side service port to dispense.
  5. Allow approximately 1 minute for Rx-Acid Scavenger to completely enter the system.
  6. Once product is dispensed, remove hose from system. Retain hose and valve for future installations and dispose of can properly.

If system’s low side pressure is ABOVE 65 psi while running:

First pump the system down to achieve a low side pressure between 40 and 50 psi. Then, inject into the low side starting with step 2 above.

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Download the product bulletin and other relevant literature here.


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Read and understand the product’s Safety Data Sheet for precautionary and first aid information.