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For over fifty years, a specialized slowly soluble, food-grade inorganic phosphate known as Micromet has been used to stabilize or “sequester” hardness minerals, and thereby avoid or prevent scale formation in ice machines, cooling towers, humidifiers, etc. For evaporative coolers, a special form of this glassy phosphate known as 6R Micromet® has been used effectively in preventing scale and maintaining equipment efficiency. It is NSF-certified, and it is the active ingredient in Evap-Treat.

Since evaporative coolers are an established and proven method of cooling and since it is nearly impossible (due to expense, practicality, etc.) to use mineral-free water, a procedure or preventative maintenance program for dealing with the scale-forming minerals must be utilized so that scale is prevented and the equipment operates at optimum efficiency. Evap-Treat™ fits this need.

Packaging Size Part Number
For Coolers Up to 6,500 cfm 4173-04
For Coolers Up to 10,000 cfm 4173-06


  1. If necessary, clean and flush the system.
  2. Place the Evap-Treat™ in the cooler sump, preferably near the float valve or inlet.
  3. Install a bleed, purge or power dump as follows:
    – up to 6,500 cfm: 6.5 fl. oz. per minute.
    – up to 10,000 cfm: 12 fl. oz. per minute.
  4. Replace the Evap-Treat™ every six months, or at season’s end.

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