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Complete Care Mini-Split Kit

  • Easy-to-use kit that contains service and maintenance products
  • Includes everything required to clean and service up to 4 mini-splits
  • Ensures mini splits are clear and free of dirt and debris


The Complete Care Mini Split Kit is a ready-to-use kit that includes everything you need to start cleaning and servicing mini-split systems. The kit includes (2) Tri-Pow’r® HD Aerosol cans 4371-75, (2) sets of Gel Tabs™ Mini 4185-95, (1) Clean Guard™ Maintenance Bag 4150-01, and (1) Nu-Calgon service bucket. The Complete Care Mini-Split Kit provides you with what you need to clean and service up to four mini-split systems.

Packaging Size Part Number Additional Info
1 Kit 4151-18


•Disconnect power from the unit.
•Remove the return filters and protective cover off the mini-split indoor unit.
•Simply snap the industrial elastic collar around the indoor coil. Important: Make sure the adjustable collar fits well to create a workable seal around the unit so as not to cause damage when cleaning the coil/blower followed by a power water wash if necessary.
•IMPORTANT: The Clean Guard does not cover exposed electronics. Please be sure to protect any electronics when cleaning with a cleaner and if pressurized water is used.
•Position the five-gallon bucket on a stable surface, typically the floor in most cases, and position the Clean Guard funnel into the bucket.

•Shake Tri-Pow’r HD aerosol well before using.
•Remove cap and point toward surface to be cleaned.
•IMPORTANT: Do not spray electrical components.
•While cleaning with Tri-Pow’r HD aerosol, keep an eye on the five-gallon bucket to make sure cleaner/water is draining into bucket properly; resolve any kinks in the Clean Guard as necessary.
•Thoroughly saturate the target areas with the Tri-Pow’r HD aerosol. Be sure foam evenly covers the entire surface.
•Allow the cleaner to sit for 5-6 minutes, it is not necessary to rinse – the condensate will rinse the coil when the unit is powered on.

•Place the Gel Tabs Mini inside the unit in the condensate pan on the inside of the inner edge of the drain pan, away from the condensate drain line opening.
•As the evaporator fins begin to sweat with condensate, the Gel Tabs Mini will slowly dissolve treatment into the drain pan, preventing sludge, odors, and overflows.
•Gel Tabs Mini are sized to treat up to 1.5 Tons per tab.
•The Gel Tabs Mini will provide preventative treatment for 3 months depending on the amount of condensate your unit produces.

•Return the unit to service by powering on the mini split.
•Safely empty the contents of your bucket and ensure the Clean Guard bag is empty and not holding any excess chemical.
•Return the Clean Guard bag and remaining products to the bucket for future use.

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