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Turbo Tank 2.0

• Portable rinsing sprayer for use with clean water to rinse coil cleaner off of coil

• Durable sprayer with optimal 150 psi water pressure

• Removable 4.5 gallon water tank

• High Capacity Lithium-Ion rechargable battery

• Includes the following accessories:

  • Eight Inch 90 (degree) spray wand for cleaning indoor mini-split
  • Battery charger
  • Heavy-duty hose/sprayer
  • Multiple spray nozzles
  • AC/DC power converter for all day, everyday use
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for easy mobility
  • Turbo Tank/Coil Gun connector for quick and easy use with Nu-Calgon’s Coil Gun (4774-0, sold separately)

Now compatible with Milwaukee (18v) and Dewalt (20v) batteries


The Turbo Tank 2.0 is a portable sprayer designed for rinsing air conditioning coils with water after Nu-Calgon coil cleaner has been applied to the coil. The Turbo Tank 2.0 can be used with Bio-Fresh CD, a bacteriostat/fungistat in select applications of indoor coils of ductless systems to aid in inhibiting future growth of microorganisms on the internal surfaces. The Turbo Tank 2.0 is not designed for use with any indoor or outdoor coil cleaner; the use of coil cleaners can damage the sprayer and will void warranty of the sprayer – this includes cleaners/disinfectants such as Nu-Calgon’s Evap-Fresh.

The Turbo Tank 2.0/Coil Gun Connector allows use of Nu-Calgon’s Coil Gun (4774-0) with the Turbo Tank 2.0. This system allows application of Nu-Calgon’s coil cleaners in the Coil Gun with the advantage of the portable, pressurized Turbo Tank 2.0. With this system, the ratio of product is the same as standard use but with less water pressure. This is as designed, since the available pressure is less than typical water supplies.
The Turbo Tank is great for these applications:
• Rinsing ductless wall units
• Rinsing ceiling cassette applications
• Rinsing outdoor coils in remote locations
• De-icing air conditioning/refrigeration components

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Packaging Size Part Number Additional Info
Turbo Tank 2.0 4781-00 1 Each
Spare Battery 4781-01 1 Each
Spare/Replacement Charger 4781-02 1 Each


For complete details of assembly, operating, usage and care instructions of the Turbo Tank 2.0, consult the instruction insert that accompanies the sprayer. The instruction insert can also be downloaded at Please read and understand these instructions before using the product.

Assembly: Using the supplied 115VAC charger, fully charge the battery for 4 hours or until the battery indicates charged (4 lit LED’s). Separate the water tank from the power base by rotating the tank counterclockwise, remove the tank cap and fill with clean water. If warm water is used, the maximum temperature for use is 100°F. (Important: Do NOT add any coil cleaner to the water in the tank.) Cap tank and reconnect the water tank to the power base. Select the desired nozzle or spray wand for the application.

Nu-Calgon’s Coil Gun is required when using the Turbo Tank 2.0 to apply coil cleaners. To connect this system, the Turbo Tank 2.0/Coil Gun Connector is required. First, remove handle from coil gun by pulling snap ring on female quick coupler. Then install the female end of the turbo/tank coil gun connector onto the Coil Gun and male end onto the Turbo Tank 2.0 handle. Refer to Nu-Calgon’s Coil Gun bulletin 3-454 for proper use and application of coil cleaners with the Coil Gun.

Operation: The Turbo Tank can be powered during its operation in one of two ways:
• For battery: Charge and install battery and turn unit on to “Battery” on sprayer.
• For AC/DC power converter: Plug converter into 115VAC power source at the jobsite. Turn unit on to “Wall” position on sprayer.

Always wear protective eyewear and gloves when rinsing coil cleaner with the sprayer. Purge the hose of air by running the Turbo Tank 2.0 for 30 seconds or until a steady stream of water is present; then proceed to rinse to coil. Depending on the condition of the battery, it will typically operate the sprayer for 40 minutes. The AC/DC power converter is recommended to always ensure power to the Turbo Tank 2.0 at the jobsite when multiple cleanings are anticipated. Turbo Tank 2.0 is also compatible with Milwaukee (18v) and DeWalt (20v) batteries.

The device is equipped with an automatic shutoff that de-energizes the motor when the trigger is not being pressed by the operator. Shutting down the sprayer: Turn the switch to the “OFF” position. Pull the trigger on spray gun to relieve any water pressure in the hose and spray gun. Always turn the Turbo Tank 2.0 sprayer to the “OFF” position during transport between jobsites.

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