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iWave-C Air Purifier

  • Needle point ionization actively treats air in homes and buildings
  • Duct-mount install for systems up to 12 tons (4800 CFM)
  • Includes waterproof housing for installation indoors or outdoors
  • Universal voltage input –24VAC-240VAC
  • Kills mold, bacteria and viruses
  • Reduces allergens, odors, smoke, static electricity and other airborne particles
  • Keeps coil cleaner


iWave-C is a self-cleaning, bi-polar ionization generator for actively treating a building’s air quality that does not require replacement parts in a year or two like competing UV lights or other ionizer technologies. In addition, the iWave-C produces and maintains unparalleled ionization output and capabilities. As the air flows past the iWave-C, the device emits positive and negative ions, creating a plamsa region that actively purifies the supply air, killing mold, bacteria and viruses in the coil and living space. The ionization process also reduces allergens, smoke and static electricity, as well as controlling odors (cooking, pet, VOCs) and other particles (no more sunbeams) in the air without creating ozone or any harmful byproducts.

Although suitable for residential applications, the original iWave-C is specially designed for light commercial systems up to 12 tons (4800 CFM) with no maintenance or replacement parts needed. iWave-C can be easily duct-mounted indoors or outdoors, depending on the application. iWave-C always works at peak performance, producing over 200 million ions/cc per polarity (400 million total ions/cc), making it superior to other market approaches. Special features include a programmable self-cleaning cycle, waterproof housing, digital display (for on-site visual monitoring) and integral alarm contact (for remote monitoring). In the event the ion emitters become damaged or wear out (after years of service), they can be replaced on the iWave-C model.

Three Year Limited Warranty Nu-Calgon offers a three year limited warranty on iWave products. For a valid warranty claim within three years, proof of purchase and proof of installation by a licensed HVAC or Electrical contractor must be provided. See full warranty at for complete details.



Packaging Size Part Number Additional Info
iWave-C 4900-10


This product must be used in accordance to the following directions by HVACR professionals only.

  1. Turn power off to the unit.
  2. Install in the duct between the prefilter and cooling coil so as to treat the coil and living space. However, the iWave-C can be installed farther down on the supply air duct. The weatherproof housing allows to be mounted indoor or outdoor. For commercial systems beyond 12 tons, multiple iWave-Cs can be used; but install a minimum of two feet apart for maximum performance.
  3. When the install location is found, cut or drill a 4 inch (100 mm) round hole in duct. Insert the iWave-C into the hole and secure with four tapping screws that are provided. Note: if the iWave-C is being mounted to duct board, the included spring load wing nuts and bolts will be required.
  4. Follow all electric, mechanical and building codes when installing and wiring. The iWave-C can be powered with 24VAC voltage circuit or 110-240VAC high voltage circuit. The face panel of the unit is labeled showing which terminals are 24VAC, 110-240VAC input and neutral and come prewired from the factory with six feet of liquid-tight flex conduit to reach a junction box for wiring – never connect with an extension cord.
  5. Use only one voltage source at a time and never connect low and high voltage simultaneously! Whichever voltage is not used, use a wire nut to protect the unused wire. The wires are color coded as follows:
    • Black wire = 110-240VAC input
    • White = Neutral
    • Gray = 24 VAC input
    • Purple and Purple= Alarm Dry Contact
    The iWave-C is provided with alarm contact for use with a building management system. When the unit is powered and there are no faults, the alarm contact will be closed, providing continuity. The contacts are rated up to 250VAC at 1A. CAUTION! Never touch brushes while operating; shock may occur. Once powered, the iWave-C initiates an internal check of all systems. After initializing, the display will blink between “ON”, “GPS” and the number of days the unit has been powered. If there is a fault, the unit display will show “FALT”.

Cleaning Cycle- The iWave-C comes with a preset cleaning cycle designed to clean the brushes every 5 days. At any time, the cleaning cycle test button on the front panel may be pushed and the unit will initiate a cleaning cycle. While the cleaning cycle is engaged, the display will change to “CLEA”. To change the cycle frequency, hold the cleaning cycle button in for 5 seconds once the display shows “CLEA” and then press it until you see the number of days you want it to wait between cycles: 1 , 5, 10 or 20 days. Most applications will not need reprogramming from the factory default 5 day cleaning cycle.

For maintenance and troubleshooting, consult the instruction bulletin insert for the iWave-C (4-410) which can be obtained at

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