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Universal Treatment Injector

  • Reusable 5-in-1 injector
  • Modular design allows for customized system treatment
  • Injector allows for 1,2,3 and 4 fl. oz. treatments, plus tool for Connect Inject Products
  • For use with A/C Re-New, A/C ReStart, Rx-Acid Scavenger and Connect Inject Products
  • Designed for 600 maximum rated pressure


The Universal Treatment Injector is a multi-use tool designed for field configuration to dose a variety of Nu-Calgon treatments into the system, depending on the situation. The tool is modular in design allowing assembly to a desired internal volume, whether it is 1, 2, 3 or 4 fluid ounces. The advantage to this design is the cavity of the injector matches exactly to the volume of the treatment dosage, so there is no headspace above the liquid requiring the added step of air evacuation by a vacuum pump before system injection.

The Universal Treatment Injector has threaded sections that are clearly marked with instructions on how to assemble to create the specific volume desired. For Nu-Calgon’s Rx-Acid Scavenger, a 1, 2, 3 or 4 fl. oz. volume treatment could be selected depending on the size of the system and the compressor sump oil charge(s). For Nu-Calgon’s A/C Re-New and A/C ReStart, a 4 fl. oz. volume configuration of the injector is required to put in the full dosage into the system for best results. The fifth configuration of the Universal Treatment Injector allows the use of the hose/endcap assembly as a tool to inject any of Nu-Calgon’s Connect Inject products into the system.

Packaging Size Part Number Additional Info
1 each 4779-0



  • Determine what treatment to add to the system. Configure the injector to the proper internal volume per the treatment recommendations on the bottle.
  • Make sure system is running and low side and high side service ports are properly identified. If unit is a heat pump, be sure it is in cooling mode. Hand-valve (A) must be closed.
  • Unscrew the aluminum injector cap with 1/4" male inlet fitting.
  • Connect the 1/4" SAE fitting of blue hose to suction service port of system.
  • Crack open hand valve (A) on injector to chase the remaining air out of the blue hose, then close hand valve (A).


  • Pour in Nu-Calgon A/C Re-New, A/C ReStart or RX-Acid Scavenger.
  • Recap the Universal Treatment Injector with the aluminum cap with 1/4" male inlet fitting. Make sure the cap is hand tight to ensure a good seal is made at the cap.


  • Make sure both valves on gauge set are closed. Connect high side (red) line of manifold gauge set to the high side service port.
  • Barely thread the middle manifold hose (yellow) to the 1/4" male inlet fitting of the Injector Tool (side opposite of the valve/blue hose). Do not thread to the point of depressing the Schrader core.
  • Briefly crack open high side manifold valve to purge air out of the yellow hose, then quickly tighten yellow hose fitting at the injector, and close high side manifold valve.


  • Open injector hand valve (A) so the chemical treatment will be allowed to flow from injector into the low side of the system.
  • Briefly open high side valve of the manifold gauge set to allow a little high side liquid to flow through the yellow hose/injector. Close high side manifold valve. Repeat process as necessary for a one minute duration for the chemical treatment to be fully injected into the low side of the system.
  • Close high side valve of the manifold gauge set and wait an additional one minute for the injector assembly to equalize to suction pressure.
  • Fully close hand valve (A) on the Injector and remove blue hose from suction service port.
  • Once disconnected from system, slowly open hand valve (A) on injector so it equalizes the assembly to atmospheric pressure - ensure outlet fitting is pointed toward the ground. Close hand valve (A).
  • Ensure injector remains capped to prevent contamination on its next use.

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